2013/14 Atlantic Division Preview

atlantic division

The Beast Coast, is looking as strong as it’s been in recent memory due in small part to the Atlantic Division which has 2 ‘title contenders’ but one of the worst teams on paper that I have witnessed in a long time. In what is often called a young man’s game, the division will be paced by two of it’s more elderly squads.

What We Know:

– The Celtics are rebuilding and Rajon Rondo wants zero parts of what is going on in The Bean, I give it a 75% chance that he’s traded before the trade deadline

rondo no parts

-The Raptors are gonna sneak up on no one and be entertaining trash again with Rudy, Demar and Terrence Ross jumping outta the gym.

-Royce White still won’t board an airplane.


-The Nets are going to single-handedly bring  disrespect back to an arena near you this season. It’s probably gonna start in a game across the Brooklyn Bridge at MSG.

beyonce nets

-The Knicks fans will be loud as hell early in the season and once that knickstape pops they will settle down into their $1500 one bedroom apartments.

new york city

What We Think:

-Brad Stevens will be better than advertised, just not this year.

-The Raptors will sport the best team kicks this year, again.

demar and rudy amir x landry NBA: New York Knicks at Toronto Raptorsamir js

-This is probably as good as the Sixers will look all season.

best sixers

-Nets will finish first in the division.

-It’s getting cold so JR Smith will finally leave La Marina and head back downtown. This is all speculation.

loud tape


Most Exciting Player:

-Demar Derozan

demar banger

Swish Favorite:

Dray Blatchedray blatche

Big Swish Money:

Landry Fields

big swish money

Most Washed Up:

Ev Turner

evan turner

Rookie to Watch:

Kelly Olynk

kelly olynk

All in all it’s gonna be a close race to be top dog in the Atlantic but somebody’s gotta lose. Think the Nets take this division (barring injuries). Injuries seem inevitable for the Nets old a** roster but I think they get to 51-31 and the Knicks finish slightly behind at 50-32. Possible 4/5 first round matchup. I was gonna say Landry was the most washed up player till I remembered his wife was a model n allat. Dray Blatche for 6th Man of the Year cuz he been creeping with Tahiry. 60/40 odds the Knicks and Nets get into a physical fight in the first game after David Stern steps down. If the Sixers win 20 games this year that will be nothing short of impressive. I bet y’all tune into Raptor games on the humble now!

Swishcasso Baby


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