Box Out Drills : Fish Grease Edition

Yo Yo, its Fall, we’ve moved past “Bad *****” season otherwise known as the summertime. No shade against the summertime and all its splendor but it’s not where you stumble upon the true gems. Same way your favorite NBA player should be working on his mid range & his foot work in the off season, your girl gotta focus on the domestic skills for the fall. If she can’t at least chef up the breakfast in the morning start recruiting a new joint ASAP. So we’re happy to bring our Box Out Drills series back around the time of year when its most relevant. Here’s the Swishlist of the livest chicks who won’t get lost in the kitchen. – Unc
10. Jill Scott – My mother been wanting me to cuff something like Jill Scott my whole life, can’t humble myself yet though. All chicks that can freak the natural cut like that get busy with the baked goods.

Go-To Move : Baked Macaroni
9. Queen Latifah – Something about how wide her mouth is tells me she can fry fish just how I need it. Queen would be higher on this list if we could confirm that she likes men.

Go-To Move: Catfish
8. K.Michelle – “I want a southern girl who cook like Patty LaBelle” Probably my favorite Hov bars ever. One of the queens of rachet TV, but behind all of that filth I know there’s a homely side of her. Those thighs look so organic I’m sure they had to come from authentic southern cuisine.
Go-To Move : BBQ Spare Ribs
7. Tracy Ellis Ross – Old head thing, her eyes extra weird and her forearms are perfectly hairy. If you know anything about Swish science you know that’s all the characteristics of a queen you need.

Go-To Move : Lasagna
6. Jordin Sparks – She used to be on her overweight lover type sh*t, now she slimmed down and is looking A-1. But you know that initial weight humbled her, her body crazy but her aura still wild nurturing. She look like ya mans mom, whose crib you always were trying to play video games at.

Go-To Move : Lemon Pound Cake

5. Tahiry Jose – Still have yet to come across a Dominican chick who can’t cook. Big Gems.

Go-To Move : Mangu & Eggs
4. Adele – She got her heart broken mad times, so you know she spent hours in the kitchen on the get back. Just eating wild dishes to make her feel better. She’s the type of lonely chick that can’t WAIT to trap you with a good ass meal.

Go-To Move : Salmon Cakes
3. Erykah Badu – How else you think she got pregnant so many times?

Go-To Move : Unknown
2. Rachel Ray – Greatest nubian white queen known to man. Pawg with domestic skills, just flawless. Almost unfair that she makes this list being that she cooks by profession. But it’d be wrong any other way.

Go-To Move : Everything

1. Jourdan Dunn – Coming in at the one spot is this new found gem, super model Jourdan Dunn. Don’t let twitter tell you that lightskin women can’t cook, they do indeed exist. Peep her cooking web series below “Well Dunn : w/ Jourdan Dunn”

Go-To Move: Don’t Matter



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