2013/14 Central Division Preview

The Central division looks as strong as it has in a very long time, possibly ever. We should have 3 playoff locks emerge from these Midwest states and a 4th would not be surprising in the least bit. Have the Pacers supplanted the Bulls as the top dog in the division? Will the Cavs stay healthy long enough to make a legit playoff run? Will Detroit get a mayor? All questions burning up cornfields throughout Indiana and Ohio

What We Know:

-“Ima get Bucks like Milwaukee, cuz like Sam I Ca-sell” -Jadakiss,  is about as relevant as the team from Wisconsin is gonna be this year. Eric Murdock is not walking thru those doors (in boxing sneakers).

eric murdock

-Detroit does have a mayor, Pistons great Dave Bing. Reason #139659220 why Big Sean is f***** trash. SN: Dave Bing is currently one of the 50 Greatest Players of All Time that we would like to get tfoh.

dave bing

-Thou shall never purchase NBA Live no matter how ill the graphics look. As much as I want to hate on the Cavs, looking at their roster there is absolutely no reason that they shouldn’t win between 40 and 47 games this year. A lot of this is dependent on the health of their two stars. Kyrie and Andrew Bynum.

nba live 2014

-The Bulls would defend the Seven Kingdoms of Weteros at this point, but the offense is still as rough and raw as the Chicago streets outside of the United Center. They will get back to their usual 55 to 62 wins a year under Tibbs.

tibbs and booz

-A remarkable playoff performance which included shutting down scoring champ Carlmelo and holding your own against Lebron James will earn you max figures in this league, and rightfully so. 5 years $90 mill to be exact. Salute Prince George

PG bron

Swish Predictions

-Larry Sanders got new money (4/$44) so I’m sure he doesn’t care that we care that he can’t spell. “I before E, except after C”. That being said, if the Bucks resemble anything close to a playoff squad, Larry could see a D.POY award come his way, then again they might just give it to Bron like they were supposed to last year. Prediction for the Bucks is a modest 34-48. OJ Mayo and Larry Sanders can’t be your two featured players and you expect to consistent. With John Henson, Giannis Abcdefghijklmnop, B. Knight and Nate Wolters, the Bucks do have some interesting prospects on the team, so the games where they’re getting blown out should be fun.


“I had to Derrick Rose the knee up before I got the re-up” -Drake is going to be the most over-quoted rap line used come basketball season. But it’s cool, I think we’re all amped to see Derrick get back on the court. 16 months away from the game should have him back @ 110% and I just know he’s added some new dimensions to his game, it wouldn’t surprise me if Rose is a much improved 3 point shooter, he is my pick to sneak in and get the league MVP this season. Jimmy Butler is a rising (complimentary) star in the east and will make life hard for opposing wing players. As stated earlier the Bulls will defend till the death which bodes well for the regular season 58-24 but where will the points come from in the playoffs when the attention is shifted to Rose? Looks like the Bulls just went and got a member of local rap group/gang GBE in the past draft with Tony Snell, the bench depth is looking funny in the light but Tibbs has a way of turning 3rd stringers into legit starters so I wouldn’t worry too much about that.

tony snell

SMH B. Jennings been getting snuffed all summer long dog, that’s not a great start to the Renaissance in Motown. Adding J-Smoove or J-Lose, whichever you prefer to run the three looks like it’s gonna clog up the lane and development of Greg Monroe. Monroe has an All Star skill set and is probably the best 4 man in the East but we won’t really get the chance to see this with him surrounded by Josh Bricks and Andre Drummond. Drummond had a great summer league and a decent rookie season so he has gotten a ton of praise heading into this season. A few Dwight comparisons, but to be Dwight then you gotta be Dwight now.Simply put,  Brandon Jennings is going to be the barometer for the Motor City Pistons, he plays great they play great, he plays terribly they do the same. I was gonna nickname him the Mayor of Detroit but BMF won’t let that fly, not after catching straights to the jaw multiple times the past 2 months. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope is the name you gotta watch out for (scored 25 with him on 2k14) in the Rookie of the Year race. 39-43 looks reasonable for the Pistons possible playoff berth?

ovo jennings

Nah for real if you got Live 2014 you bugging or 30+, I bet you Kyrie got 2k in rotation right now. Man I hate the Cavs and everything they stand for (I don’t know why) but I’m a realist and realistically this is the 3rd best team in this division. 46-36 is where I put the Cavs, of course this is contingent on Kyrie’s physical health and what’s going on inside and on top of Andrew’s head. Still not too sure what to think of the #1 pick Anthony Bennett but there is no pressure on Bennett to be a star at all on this team which can only help a 19/20 year old in my mind. Dion Waiters had some great moments as a rookie and I think that this could be a big sophomore campaign for the Syracuse product. And even if a major injury does occur on this team, you’re talking about a roster deep with talent from Varejao, to perennial Sixth Man of the Year runner up Jarrett Jack, Tristan Thompson, Earl Clark, Alonzo Gee and CJ Miles make up a young and hugry second unit. Cavs might be better than the Kni….

bynum hair

Lance Stephenson should remain in the Pacers starting lineup. Larry Legend must let Born Ready rock, we don’t wanna see Danny Granger and his streaky a** volume shooting anymore, pretty sure the best player on the team feels the same way. Roy Hibbert put us on notice against Miami that their may be a new best big man in the A, that discussion is going to be one of the most intriguing this season. SN: The center battles in the Central Division could be legendary this year. We still don’t know what to think about the other George in Indianapolis because we aren’t sure if he’s a point, or 2, what we do know is that he is turnover prone and that could be an issue in the playoffs, again. What makes Indy slightly better than Chi in terms of playoff potential is the mentality of David West vs Carlos Boozer and West adopting the Oakleyesque, bruiser mindset that helps wear down Chris Bosh over a course of 7 games. Adding Luis Scola gives them another proven go to guy inside, Chris Copeland will help improve the weak three point shooting, and CJ Watson is a great backup who can and may close out some games at the one when Hill struggles. Pacers go 57-25 to finish one game behind the Bulls in the division.

Swish Favorite: Lance Stephenson


Most Exciting Player: Uncle Drew 

Most Washed Up: Carlos Boozer

carlos boozer 2

Big Swish Money: Lance Stephenson

lance and k michelle

*Supposedly they’re broken up now, but enjoy the camay curves of K. Michelle in the meantime

K michelle


k mich

Rookie to Watch: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

NCAA Basketball: Wofford at Georgia

Young Breakout: Dion Waiters

dion waiters


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