#DISRESPECTBACK: Jalen Rose and Bill Simmons on Grantland

“A lot of times people want athletes to have that gladiator mentality, they don’t like when athletes do too much fraternizing, and shaking hands, and not caring about the loss” – Dr. Jalen Anthony Rose

This is what it’s all about, that quote there exemplifies what we’ve been saying. We need Jalen on Swish sooner than later.

This show with the random white host is a f***** jewelry store, it’s like I just walked into Jacob the Jeweler in 2001. WTF. I was just on Twitter saying how Bill Simmons is a wack analyst, and he kinda is but maybe it’s cuz of the restraints ESPN puts on him, if he and Jalen (pleaseeeeeeeeeee get Doris Burke off of the screen) could just flow back and forth like Jada and Styles ESPN could be great on Wednesday’s and Friday’s.

Look at how authentic the convos are.

If they could get a Gary Payton or Tim Hardaway type onto ESPN we might have a winner on our hands.

KG gotta retire already so he can join TNT.

I need Blackberry tears for this tale.

I don’t even wanna post all of these right now. Gotta save some for later.


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