The Class Rank : Top 10 Small Forwards of 2013-14 Season

Welcome to the Class Rank, a SWISH breakdown of position rankings for all 5 spots. The criteria is based off of STRICTLY what these players will produce this NBA Season(including Playoffs). We don’t care about career accolades, efficiency ratings, PER stats ect. ect. Math formulas never taught anybody how to pull up off the dribble. This is strictly basketball know-how and the “eye test”, the only things respectable fans care about. We delve into the Wingman position today. Quite possibly the most important position in this new era, and second most talented in the NBA alongside the Point Guard. Clearly the King is number 1…BUT it gets interesting around #3 though. Feel free to disrespectfully disagree, you can find us on a timeline near you : @SwishGeneration on twitter & instagram – SWISH


1. LeBron James

What We Expect : All NBA 1st Team, All NBA 1st Defense, Defensive Player Of The Year, ROBBED of Another MVP, East All-Star Starter

What We Know : If He Plays Without The Headband Again Nobody Has A Shot In Hell At Beating Miami

What We’re All Afraid Of(Unless You’re A Heat Fan) : If He Officially Gets The Baldy He’s Got A Shot At Playing At A Level Nobody Has Ever Played At INCLUDING Michael Jeffrey

What We Can Learn From Him : Get You A Nice Around The Way Joint And WIFE Her ASAP. Bron Never Has A Problem w/ His Queen.


2. Kevin Durant

What We Expect : All NBA 1st Team, West All-Star Starter, Kobe-Jordan-esque Scoring Average Around 35ppg

What We Were Wrong About : His Wifey Is Really Not Trash At All…Just Got Caught Up In The Female Ball Player Stereo-Type. Good Money In Our Book.

KD wifey

As A Result Of Above Fact…. : You Know They Probably Play Wild 1 on 1 Games In The Crib On The Door Hoop So Expect His Jumper To Be Even More Lights Out

The Unfortunate : He’s Going To Have A HISTORIC Season(35, 7, & 5), And Twitter & ESPN Won’t Appreciate It Because He Won’t Get A Ring This Year.

Paul George

3. Paul George

 What We Expect : All NBA  2nd Team Defense, East All Star

What We Know : Danny Granger Wants To Snuff Him Everyday For Taking His Contract

The Comparison : With PG & Hibbert; The Pacers Might End Up Being The New Spurs

What Else We Know : Knicks Fan’s Would Rather Have Him Than Melo Deep Down In Their Hearts But Won’t Admit It

And More…. : A Knick Fan Would Throw A Drink At Me In The Bar For Saying This Out Loud


4. Carmelo Anthony

What We Expect : East All Star Starter, All NBA 2nd Team

What We Hope : That He’s Finally Learned How To Create A Shot For Somebody Other Than Carmelo

What We Know : He Will Be Great Once Again This Season, But Knicks Fans Will Slaughter Him Once They Lose In Round 1. Eventually Running Him Out Of New York

What’s An Undeniable Fact : Knicks vs. Nets is MUST SEE TELEVISION, 4 Times This Season


5. Andre Iguodala

What We Expect : All NBA Defense 1st Team, West All Star

The Irony : Iggy Is The Lowest Offensive Option On This Team Than He’s Ever Been In His Career, And He Couldn’t Be Happier

What We Know For Sure : He’s Finally In The Perfect System, And His Addition Makes The Warriors The BEST Team In The Western Conference Hands Down.

kawhi leanord

6. Kawhi Leanord

What We Expect : All NBA Defense 2nd Team

What We Have To Accept : His Power Might Be In Them Dirty A** Braids

What Won’t Happen : He’s NOT Going To Become The Superstar These “Analysts” Are Predicting, Still A Great Player Nonetheless

Rudy Gay

7. Rudy Gay

What We’ve Learned Over The Years: Probably The Biggest Gap Between His NBA 2K Value versus Real Life Since My Man Jonathan Bender In NBA LIVE

The Great News : He’s Going To Make Another Team(Not Named The Raptors) A Very Good Team

The David Stern Conspiracy : And In The Process Of That Trade Bring The #1 Overall Draft Pick(Named Andrew Wiggins) Back Home To Canada In A Raptors Jersey…(A la Derrick Rose & Lebron James BOTH getting drafted by their home states)

jeff green

8. Jeff Green

What We Know : He Should Be VERY Good On An Equally As Bad Celtics Team

The Grudge : He Bagged Some Chick  At G-Town I Used To Have The Crush On When I Was Younger, Never Really Wanted To See Him Prosper In The League Till Now. I’m Still Hating In That Regard, But Prosper.

Loul Deng

9. Loul Deng

What We Hope : That He’s Healthy, Aside From Basketball; Whatever That Disease Is That He Caught In The Playoffs Was Critical

What We Expect : He’s Getting Traded For The Guy Guarding Him

Josh Smith

10. Josh Smith

What We Know : Josh Was Lucky Tyreke Evans Got Hurt, He Shouldn’t Even Have Made This List

What He Should Do : Stick To Playing The 4 Spot Fam, Detroit Is Struggle City And Hostility Is High, The D(pause) Is Not Going To Sit Quietly Watching You Shoot Jumpers You Can’t Make All Year. Massacre At The Palace 2.0



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