Destroy & Rebuild : 5 NBA Trade Rumors That Make Sense

Aight, aight, we’re within around a week until lift off. And it’s a few questions that have yet to be solved by some of our favorite squads. The Bulls & Pacers both high if they think they’ve done enough to position themselves infront of Miami. OKC is still leaving KD out to dry with no shooters or barbers. What happens to Rondo? And most importantly what the f*** are my Lakers going to with this season! So its time to Destroy & Rebuild, 120% fool proof Swish solutions to improve all parties involved respective standings in the A this season. SWISH

(All these scenarios brought to you, cooked up originally by yours truly, the Swish G’s. Validated by the ESPN NBA Trade Machine & Draft Pick info coming from NBA Real GM.) This is titled “Rumors” by name, but these are original scenarios from SG. All of these transactions work in real life.

NBA: Playoffs-Brooklyn Nets at Chicago Bulls

Chicago Bulls Trade Loul Deng to the Toronto Raptors for Rudy Gay

Makes Cents: The stars align here because Toronto CAN’T WAIT to get ride of Rudy Gay’s contract, combined with the fact that Chicago likely won’t be able to resign Loul next season unless he takes way less than his market value.

On Court Rationale : The Bulls, as presently constructed still don’t scare anybody offensively. As good & as consistent as Loul has been for them, he’s never going to be a threat to get 30 plus on any given night. Chicago is full of steady and consistent players, which ironically makes them predictable on O because each player only specializes in one thing, outside of D.Rose. They need a 2nd option on the wing that won’t allow Lebron or Paul George to guard Rose over a 7 game series without being exposed. Rudy Gay, has a much higher cieling than Deng in regards to explosiveness. On some nights he might actually be worse than Loul, but off potential they have to make this move. If Don Thibs can get Rudy to reach his potential, this puts them at a dead heat(no pun intended) vs. Miami in a series in May.

Upside for Chicago : Get a high risk/high reward player in Rudy Gay whose shown glimpses of being a problem. Might be top 3 athletically on the perimiter between Rose, Gay, & Butler. They lose nothing on the defensive end. And worst comes to worst they won’t be trash to play with in 2K anymore.

Upside for Toronto : Deng’s contract comes off the books next season, while Rudy’s would’ve lingered for another year. Also, if they plan on tanking to get Wiggins this trade will certainly make them worse. Can’t see Loul playing the same for a lottery team.

Boston Celtics v Miami Heat - Game Seven

Boston Celtics Trade Rajon Rondo to The Dallas Mavericks for Shawn Marion & Shane Larkin & a 2015 First Rd Pick

Makes Cents : Mark Cuban doesn’t care about money, and Shawn Marion’s 9 million dollar contract comes off of the books for boston after next season. Desperately need to free up cap space after taking on Gerald Wallaces braids & 30 million over 3 years.

On Court Rationale : Dallas is going to give Dirk probably 2 more chances to make another run at being relevant. If you insert Rondo(once healthy) into a lineup with Monta Ellis & Dirk, they become elite offensively right away. A Rondo, Nowitzki pick & roll might just be unguardable. And Ronod plus Monta in the open court is relatively respectable as well. On Boston’s end, if they want to be trash and enter the Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker contest, Danny Ainge knows he has to get Rajon outta there before long. Their worst nightmare is going to be Rajon going dumb hard to average a triple double and having the Celtics finish 9th in the East.

Upside for Boston : Cap space, hopefully a top 5 lottery pick in the best draft since ’03. And also a nice young PG prospect in Shane Larkin. Another draft pick to rebuild.

Upside for Dallas : Doesn’t bring them into the championship convo whatsoever but they will at least be more interesting. You’d have to give them a shot versus anybody in a playoff series with Dirk, Rondo, & Ellis on the roster.

Miami Heat v Indiana Pacers - Game Six

Indiana Pacers trade Danny Granger (expiring contract) to The Suns for Goran Dragic & Shannon Brown

Makes Cents : Indy made it clear they had no intention whatsoever of singing Danny back with all that money they gave to PG this summer. Phoenix frees itself from Dragic’s contract because they will have to pay Eric Bledsoe next summer, and also Grangers 14 million will come off the books. They’ll be in prime position to overpay for a 2nd tier star like Chris Bosh or some sh*t like that.

On Court Rationale : I’ll be honest, Granger has looked great in the pre-season, and it actually looks like the Pacers need him. But in the long run, nothing in Granger’s skill set fixes the problem Miami exposed last playoff; and that is a break-down guard who can get to the rim as well as get the Bigs of Indy the ball in a turnover-free manner. Dragic, as unpredictable as he has been, if nothing else has shown the ability to get to the rim off the bounce and find open teammates. As long as Indy finds someone who can get the ball up the court and get it to Hibbert or West, there is no reason to believe they can’t beat Miami this season.

Upside for Indiana : The backcourt becomes a little crowded, but who gives a f*** about CJ Watson anyway?? George Hill can  stop lying to us claiming he’s a point guard, and move back into that combo position. Copeland can definitely replace the spot up shooting you lose in Grangers absence. And most importantly, our son Born Ready can move back into this starting line up with Granger gone.

Upside for Phoenix : It’s clear that The Suns gave up on Dragic after the Eric Bledsoe trade, there is no way they can play together. They get rid of Shannon “Chris” Brown in favor of letting rookies Archie Goodwin & Malcolm Lee develop this season. Also, in all actuality Phoenix might be a good fit for Granger going forward. They need a scorer, and that’s about the only thing he can do well. And they will have the money to pay him a half way decent salary next season if they choose.

okc trade

The Thunder trade Steven Adams or Hasheem Thabeet to The Hawks for John Jenkins

The Need : I know ya’ll don’t care bout either of these dudes. I don’t either. But OKC needs a spot up shooter if they intend to get a title this year. Anybody who saw Jenkins breifly last season or watched him chef up at Vanderbilt, he is a pure shooter.

Upside for OKC : As currently constructed, they have not one spot up shooter on this roster. Sam Presti just been drunk & sad as sh*t ever since watching Harden become a top 10 player in the league last season. He’s gotta wake the f*** up though.

Upside for Atlanta : Atlanta had a team full of undersized big men. Elton Brand is 6’3 with no shoes on(pause) and Milsap can’t be more than 6’5. Both of these OKC big bums will at least serve has some height on a team that seems to be trying to remain relevant this season. For what reason we have not the slightest idea.

trade pau

The Lakers Trade Pau Gasol & Jodie Meeks to New Orleans/ New Orleans sends Austin Rivers & 2015 First Round Pick to LA, Eric Gordon to Charlotte/Charlotte sends Ben Gordon’s(expiring contract to LA) and a 2014 First Round via Portland

NBA Finals Game 7:  Boston Celtics v Los Angeles Lakers

Me; Uncle Swish, after we won the chip

The Need : *Que the Boyz II Men* As the self-proclaimed, unofficial leader of OG Lakernation (OG = The Smush Parker era and earler) I’ve finally come to grips with possibly giving up hope for this season. Our go-to rebuttal amongst any mid-season slander is “See you in June”, and now we can’t even talk sh*t properly. The Lakers roster is going to be playoff bound and fun to watch, but even my irrational bias towards our team can’t convince me that we have an outside shot at a ring this year. Only thing to do is just chill, be trash, let Kobe chase Kareem’s scoring record, get a half-way decent draft this year, and just hold out; remain steadfast for Carmelo, Kev Love, & Kyrie in a few seasons. 😥

Makes Cents : Ben Gordon’s expiring still keeps the Lakers cap good money for the 2014 off season. After signing Tyreke and the Jrue Holiday trade, N.O made it clear they were trying to come up off Eric Gordon’s big contract. And we all know Mike Jordan in Charlotte loves paying players who might not pan out a lot of bread, match made in heaven.

Upside for L.A : Austin Rivers actually is starting to look like a NBA player so far this pre-season. He still has high potential, especially under Kobe. 2014, & 2015 draft picks, even though they’re both lottery protected.(Can’t be top 15 pick) But this is a very deep draft. Time to Destroy & Rebuild for real.

Upside for N.O : They are clearly trying to win now. And there are not going to be enough balls(PAUSE) for  the 4 ball(PAUSE) dominant guards they currently have with Holiday, Evans, Gordon, & Rivers. Pau is the perfect compliment to a dude like Unibrow Davis. With Jrue, Reke, Pau, & AD, hey’d have an inside-outside attack that would definitely make them a tough out for any Western Conference team in the playoffs.

Upside for Charlotte : Not much here, but I’m sure Jordan could find something if there is. They have been coveting a 2-guard to play alongside Kemba & MGK, so I guess that makes sense.

Rest In Power the Great Jerry Buss. F*** You Jim Buss



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