Productive and Underpaid: The Got It For Cheap Squad

The chances that any of these players close out a tab or even motion for their wallet when out with their teams this season is slim to none.

That title is kinda misleading, particularly for us making 5 figures and the one or two people who may read this that make 5 oh’s on their checks. Nonetheless, athletes get paid, always have and always will. The following 5 player contracts heading into 2013/14 don’t even rank amongst the top 100 payday’s in the league for the upcoming season. *To make it fair we didn’t include any rookie contracts because then the list would simply be 2nd, 3rd and 4th year players who are making $3 mil.

1. Jarrett Jack: $6.3 million


Players who are dubiously making more money than Jarrett:

Jeremy Lin

Ben Gordon

Jameer Nelson

Goran Dragic

Jarrett is a professional 6th Man. He doesn’t really wanna start because he wants to see what women are in the crowd before he decides how hard he wants to go in said game. This is honestly one of the best coupon deals in the NBA today. $19.4 mil over the next 4 seasons for a guy who could start on half the teams in league? The Cavs will have to pay Kyrie, Dion Waiters (maybe), and Anthony Bennett over the next couple of years and Jack’s contract won’t hinder those moves one bit.

2. J.R. Smith: $5.57 mil

jr piff


Landry Fields

Marcus Thornton

Ben Gordon (let this $13.2 mil settle in)

John Salmons

JR Swish, Spliff, Piff, Brick…. whatever you want to call him, you have to admit that there are few personalities in the sport more polarizing than Earl Smith Jr. I don’t know that there’s a player who fans love to hate and hate to love more than JR (Nick Young soon reach). But any way you slice it, there’s not many players who can go for 40 when he feels like it, JR is of that elite group. The rest of the guys who can do that are generally making $13 million plus, a whole $8 million more than what Smith will be paid this season. Of course his calm payday is pretty much self inflicted due to a horrendous playoff performance and taking bottles of Mo’ to the dome in the club. Or maybe it was the trance…..

Rihanna's Diamonds World Tour After Party

3. Jared Dudley: $4.25 mil

jared dud


Richard Jefferson

Danny Granger

Martell Webster

This may be a bit of a reach on Jared, but I always liked his game even back to Boston College when he was rocking with Craig Smith (RIP). This isn’t a diss to the other players that are making more than Jared but it’s literally a “Got It For Cheap” deal, when you take into account that he’s a fringe starter on most teams and a legitimate 6th Man on 85% of the teams in the league today. The Clippers are getting an above average defender, and great shooter for less than $5 mil a year. That mix at the 3 is probably worth something like $7-8 mil right now honestly because he’s going to get to match up with the Lebron’s, Durant’s, PG’s, Melo’s, Kawhi’s and Nick Young’s of the universe nightly. Maybe he just didn’t want to be a Phoenix Son anymore, I can’t knock the hustle.

4. Andrei Kirilenko: $3.18 mil 

drei dray

Al Harrington

Steev Novak

Chuck Hayes

Epke Udoh

Word to Brighton Beach there had to be some money slid under the table to Drei in this deal. The deal is looking real black leather jacket and Newports under the F Train at 2 am suspicious from Prokhorov. No way the Nets are paying $3 million for a player who still is top 3 defensively at either forward spot. And he can still put numbers on the board offensively. The ‘official’ deal is great on the Nets pockets as it looks like this team is gonna give it one strong push this season and then retire to Smirnoff and outdoor patios next year.

5.  Chris Andersen: $1.4mil

birdman ring

Rethink, Re-do:

Jordan Hill

Andris Biedrins

Kendrick Perkins

Amar’e Stoudemire

I could be wrong but if it wasn’t for Birdman, Miami probably doesn’t get to the Finals last year, they definitely don’t get passed San An (regardless of Superhero Bron). At this point in everyone of the players that I’ve listed careers they could just go ahead and quit the sport (yes including headband STAT). In a league where big men are notoriously overpaid for being tall, (often) overweight (see Jerome James), slow, and not dominant, Pat Riley did a hell of a service in resurrecting Birdman’s career and making him a more deserving champion than Eddy Curry. On a team tight for cash this is a gold mine signing, just as most of Rile’s signings have been historically.


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