Rap Game Like: Action Bronson x Party Supplies and Blue Chips 2 Teasers

blue chips 2

The first installment of Action Bronson and producer extraordinaire Party Supplies’ Blue Chips was one of the best mixtapes to hit the sound-wave last year. With it’s title paying homage to the ’94 hoops classic Blue Chips starring Nick Nolte, and a host of young NBA stars (Shaq, Penny, Allan Houston, Calbert Chaney, and actor turned baller Rick Fox) .

In an earlier post from this summer we delved into most of Action’s effective usage of basketball references in his raps Rap Game Like: Gym Gems… Action Bronson. While the title of this tape would lead you to believe that he went stupid with the “Rap Game Like…” bars on it, he didn’t. In fact the most memorable one was this from Monsignor Marciano

Fly designer, h*** digging for gold like a 49er. I hit the diner, the Carolina. Then pass the lighter to the passenger in the Spyder, vagina splash like apple cider. So f*** ya lil two cents, blue Benz, b****** jump like Harold Miner -Roc Marciano (Pouches of Tuna)

jump like

With Blue Chips 2 on the horizon from Bronson and Supplies, we were obviously going to be looking for the Queens native and Knick fan to deliver us a few more Gym Gems than he did on the first take. And with the only leaked track from BC2 we got exactly what we were hoping for. From the most classic NBA rant, to two outstanding allusions, Practice is what Bronson doesn’t need, but definitely what we’ve been wanting to hear…

“Order breast of veal at Walt Frazier’s, dog my women come in all flavors”


“Dog I lay wit h***, and smoke butter the same color as Jalen Rose”

like jalen rose

We Gon Make It

And just when we thought we could rest until the tape drops, this Friday 11/1. Action did this…

Blue Chips 2 Teaser from Action Bronson on Vimeo.

Lol even the most die hard fan Knick would have to find the humor in this.

I’m not into rushing time but we need tomorrow to hurry up and pass so we can lock in to this tape because it’s clear that the sound is tailor-made for the Swish Generation.


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