Next Gen Draft: Dante Exum

7. Dante EXUM (Australia)

If you’ve watched any college hoops games or even most NBA games, there was at least one reference to the Draft Class of 2014, it’s the best in a generation some say. And if you’ve looked at any mock drafts there’s been the usual suspects: Randle, Parker, Wiggins, Smart, Gordon, etc. Also high up on many mock drafts (I’ve seen him ranked as high as #3) has been Australian point guard Dante Exum.

Not speaking much on him yet but check the footage and judge for yourself.

Here’s a complete scouting report for ya…

Can’t say I’m overly impressed. There’s rumblings that he will opt out of the 2014 Draft and go to college. His size is undeniable though and based on MCW’s start this season, his stock value has to be shooting up daily.


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