Jingle Hoops: BIG Logo Christmas Jersey’s

christmas BIG logo

With the Holiday Season approaching faster than Miami on the break, the NBA and Adidas dropped this heat to prepare us. More so for these new age jerseys that each team will wear. I haven’t been a fan of the short sleeve jerseys as we’ve seen the Suns, Clippers, Warriors, and Magic(ians) wear them on a couple of occasions so far this season. But maybe I’ll change my mind on Christmas Day, the Bulls jersey pictured here doesn’t look ‘that’ bad.

As much as we may all hate these jersey’s, I’d say that the NBA struck gold yet again with it’s advertising

DRose and Steve Nash made more threes in this commercial than they have all season.

*Lebron is shooting 50% from 3 point range this season, maybe he should’ve been shooting too.

Miami vs Indy would make for a much more thrilling Christmas matchup than MIA vs LAL.

Cop your girl one of these jersey’s for Christmas and make her wear it alone, nothing else.


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