A Million & One Questions

Few things I’m struggling with right now…firstly is what Hov thought process was like when he concluded that MCHG is better than Volume 1…and lastly, these 1 million pressing NBA issues that have me searching for understanding….

Soho Knicks

1) Why nobody pressed Mike Woodson about his goatee yet?

127,394) Who has ever seen a pair of Melo’s on anybody’s feet besides Melo?

166,711) Why everybody on this roster like fedoras so much?

201,152) Why nobody copped Bargnani a M.O.P. album to get his boards up?

205,555) Why they ain’t pass JR Smith a oz. yet so he can get his jumper back?

214,683) When are they going to get some sense and try Iman at the 1?


Houston Rockets

333,333) I’m racist for still thinking that Jeremy Lin can’t give me buckets?

340,517) Why teams still double teaming Dwight?

351,661) 5 years in now, why cant anybody stop Harden from going left?


Miami Heat

777,368) Ya’ll realize how nice Norris Cole is?

791,427) Why hasn’t anybody on this team told Bosh that he’s gotta chill?

800,000) Why hasn’t anybody snuffed Shane Battier in 13 years?

800,002) Why LeBron & Oden embarrassed to tell us they have the same pops?

800,003-900,000) Why are the Basketball Gods trying to let Bron be better than Jordan????


Los Angeles Lakers

999,997) How mad are ya’ll going to be when we get a top 3 pick??

999,998) Nick Young scooped Iggy Azalea…..why wouldn’t everybody wanna be a Laker?

999,999) F*** is Robert Sacre doing on this court during a regulation game?

1,000,000) I’m the only one who sees the plot Kobe’s pulling?



All 30 Franchises

1,000,001) How nobody bagged Cari Champion yet???????

cari champion 2





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