Every Bucket From Marcus Smart’s 39 Point Performance Vs. Memphis

For all of us who didn’t witness Marcus Smart’s debut into superstardom last night, full video above. Just violated Memphis with a whole assortment of work.

I know it’s been huff for a while, but PLEASE flip the switch and watch some College Ball this year. It’s been legendary thus far.


Kyrie Irving, Mike Tyson, Dennis Rodman & Brett Favre Team Up For The Commercial Of The Year (VIDEO)

Foot Locker had to straight hits with two guest spot commercials from James Harden this previous year. But now they officially have the crown from Nike as the commercial kings. They really pushed the envelope with this one, no doubt. Salute to whoever the creative minds are behind Foot Locker’s marketing scheme

Respect The Shooter : Steph Curry vs. OKC Breakdown

The pull up jumper is by far the most degrading way to get a bucket. And the hardest skill to master. A dude pulls up in your face more than two times, you have no choice but to either snuff him in the face, or ask for a switch; only two ways to keep your integrity intact.

“Respect The Shooter” is series we’re we hope to take it back, focus on some OG hand-down-man-down dudes like Gilbert Arenas, as well current pull up connoisseurs like Carmelo Anthony. First up is the kid Steph Curry though, versus OKC last week. Fast forward to around :38 seconds where he gets KD outta there. Keep your hands up, and respect the shooter at all times.


Jingle Hoops: BIG Logo Christmas Jersey’s

christmas BIG logo

With the Holiday Season approaching faster than Miami on the break, the NBA and Adidas dropped this heat to prepare us. More so for these new age jerseys that each team will wear. I haven’t been a fan of the short sleeve jerseys as we’ve seen the Suns, Clippers, Warriors, and Magic(ians) wear them on a couple of occasions so far this season. But maybe I’ll change my mind on Christmas Day, the Bulls jersey pictured here doesn’t look ‘that’ bad.

As much as we may all hate these jersey’s, I’d say that the NBA struck gold yet again with it’s advertising

DRose and Steve Nash made more threes in this commercial than they have all season.

*Lebron is shooting 50% from 3 point range this season, maybe he should’ve been shooting too.

Miami vs Indy would make for a much more thrilling Christmas matchup than MIA vs LAL.

Cop your girl one of these jersey’s for Christmas and make her wear it alone, nothing else.

Next Gen Draft: Dante Exum

7. Dante EXUM (Australia)

If you’ve watched any college hoops games or even most NBA games, there was at least one reference to the Draft Class of 2014, it’s the best in a generation some say. And if you’ve looked at any mock drafts there’s been the usual suspects: Randle, Parker, Wiggins, Smart, Gordon, etc. Also high up on many mock drafts (I’ve seen him ranked as high as #3) has been Australian point guard Dante Exum.

Not speaking much on him yet but check the footage and judge for yourself.

Here’s a complete scouting report for ya…

Can’t say I’m overly impressed. There’s rumblings that he will opt out of the 2014 Draft and go to college. His size is undeniable though and based on MCW’s start this season, his stock value has to be shooting up daily.

Revelations, Overreactions, & Biased Facts 11.13.13

Few divine thoughts from the Swish gawds….


1st Team All-Swish is….

PG : Michael Carter Holy Grail

SG : Born Ready Stephenson

SF : Prince George

PF : Unibrow Davis

C : Nikola Vucevic

What if Andrew Wiggins is trash?

Lance >>> Jimmy Butler, Klay Thompson, Iman Shumpert & Kahwai Leonard.

Kev Love might be a Top 3 white boy ever.

Kev Durant might mess around and let Paul George be better than him.

Nets are going to be fighting for a 7th, or 8th seed.


Knicks fans think an Iman Shumpert trade can get them any player in the league.

Monta Ellis & Dirk are going to be a problem this year.

Victor Oladipo is going to be a star, I was wrong.

The Magic are going to be in the Eastern Conference Finals in 2 years.

Andrew Bynum was never hurt in Philly.

Either the Suns coach, or the 76ers coach is going to get fired for winning too much.

Knicks are going to be fine.

Facts We Learned….

Michael Carter-Williams >>>> Magic Johnson.

Steve Nash needs to hang it up.

Jimmy Butler and JR Smith will battle for worst cut in the league till All-Star break.

Bulls stink.

Grizzlies Stink.

Lebron’s commercial with his fam made all of us think getting your girl pregnant might be ill for a second.