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Respect The Shooter : Steph Curry vs. OKC Breakdown

The pull up jumper is by far the most degrading way to get a bucket. And the hardest skill to master. A dude pulls up in your face more than two times, you have no choice but to either snuff him in the face, or ask for a switch; only two ways to keep your integrity intact.

“Respect The Shooter” is series we’re we hope to take it back, focus on some OG hand-down-man-down dudes like Gilbert Arenas, as well current pull up connoisseurs like Carmelo Anthony. First up is the kid Steph Curry though, versus OKC last week. Fast forward to around :38 seconds where he gets KD outta there. Keep your hands up, and respect the shooter at all times.



Steph Curry Gets DROPPED By Isaiah Thomas (VIDEO)

Steph might have the weakest ankles in the history of the league, and here he continues his streak of getting dropped at least one time every season. As the new lightskin ambassador we can’t have anymore L’s like this during regular season play smfh.

The SWISH Top 10 Plays of Summer ’13 (From @Drew League, @JCrawfordProAm & More)

The summer circut was definitley legendary this year. From Compton’s Drew League, to Harlem’s own Rucker Park, NBA players took their talents to your hood to build their streetball resumes.

So the we’ve compiled everything you wish you would have been there for, in this latest SG mixtape.

New 76er Tony Wroten shined, Lance “Born Ready” reclaimed his crown out in BK. Tyreke Evans gave the shammgod to the mayor of Seattle. And my son Nick Young gets thoroughly shitted on in his return to LA smh. Ill summer of hoops indeed.