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Kyrie Irving, Mike Tyson, Dennis Rodman & Brett Favre Team Up For The Commercial Of The Year (VIDEO)

Foot Locker had to straight hits with two guest spot commercials from James Harden this previous year. But now they officially have the crown from Nike as the commercial kings. They really pushed the envelope with this one, no doubt. Salute to whoever the creative minds are behind Foot Locker’s marketing scheme


The Class Rank : Top 10 Point Guards of the 2013-14 Season

WE’re finally here. 20 something days away from the start of the NBA Season. Welcome to the Class Rank, a SWISH breakdown of position rankings for all 5 spots. The criteria is based off of STRICTLY what these players will produce this NBA Season(including Playoffs). We don’t care about career accolades, efficiency ratings, PER stats or none of that corny sh**. None of those herbs who quote those stats ever touched a HS Varsity court. This is strictly basketball know-how and the “eye test”, the only things legit fans care about.  Feel free to disagree on any other Class Rank post besides this because nobody reading this judges point guards better than me. – Unc

Derrick_Rose_ftre4w56u1. Derrick Rose

What We Know : He Probably Plays 82 Game Seasons On 2K In His Free-time 12min Quarters

What Else We Know: Worst Post Game Interviews 4th Consecutive Year

What We Expect : East All-Star Starter, All NBA 2nd Team

Why? : His Athleticism hasn’t regressed one bit. Has developed a Tony Parker-Esque floater. Adjusted and refined play style. Expect him to pick up exactly where he left off in 2011.


2. Chris Paul

What We Know : Cliff Paul Commercials Still Gonna Piss Me Off Every Sunday

What We Expect : MVP (unfortunately), West Starter, All NBA 1st Team

Why? : The NBA is horny for a Chris Paul story line, it’s his time now. Even though LeBron will have deserved another MVP, I’m 99% sure CP gets it this season, with the exact same numbers he’s put up in the past 3. Making him possibly the most overrated player of this generation.

deron bk nets

3. Deron Williams

What We Hope : Joe Johnson Bring Both Him & Paul Pierce To A Respectable Brookyln Barber Shop

Predictions: East All-Star, League Leader in Assists

Why? : As injuries lag on and age catches up, Deron wants to be strictly a distributor, so he is in the perfect situation. If not for injuries, he’d be above CP3.


4. Russel Westbrook

The Question We Need Answered Is : How You Gonna Still Rock Leggings With The Knee Brace Under?

What We Expect : Will Once Again Be The Most Undervalued Player In the NBA 3rd Year In A Row

Why? : Injuries aside, he’s at worst the 2nd best all-around PG in the game. Have you ever seen him lose a head to head match up vs. another Elite PG??

NBA: All Star Game-Rising Stars Challenge

5. Kyrie Irving

What We Know : His Central Division Battles With D.Rose & B.Jennings Will Be Must See TV

What We Expect: Most Bodies(On Court), East All Star, All NBA 3rd Team

Why? : All of the expectations placed on Kyrie’s shoulders have come way too soon. In a few years, he could potentially be #1 on this list. But right now his defense and assist numbers have to catch up to his scoring brilliance.

John Wall, John Jenkins

6. John Wall

Legend Comparison : He Will Be The Second Coming Of Gary Payton w/ Signature Sneakers Equally As Trash

What We Expect : East All-Star, Most Improved Player of the Year

Why? : The Wizards are going to shock everybody and be a legit Playoff team this season, and it will be due to John uplifting everyone else’s game.

steph c

7. Steph Curry

What I Hope : His & Klay Thompson’s Combined Efforts Can Bring Lightskin N**** Back To Prominence

What Is Likely : He’s Slowly Going To Become One Of The Most Hated Players By His Piers(A la Reggie Miller)

 What We Know: He Will Be Robbed Of Another All-Star Game On Behalf Of The Guy Below Here

Why? : The Warriors are legit title contenders. And possibly the best team in the West. The overall talent in the conference and on his team will likely keep him out of the all star game again though.


8. Tony Parker

What We’re 100% Sure Of : He’s Still Sick Eva Longoria Caught Him Creeping

What Is Going To Have Us Tight : He’s  Still Good Enough To Keep The Sleep Spurs Relevant, Taking Up TV  Time That The Warriors, Cavs, Blazers & Pelicans Could Get.

What We Expect: West All-Star

Why? : Popovich


9. Damian Lilard

What’s Unfortunate : With CJ Mccollum’s Injury We Won’t Get To See What Would Have Been The Most Disrespectful Backcourt In The League.

What We Expect : Another Great Season Wasted In Portland

Why? : Look for Dame’s star to fade this season, strictly because he’s not coming out of nowhere this time. Also look for his talents to force Lamarcus Aldridge out of Portland by February.

NBA: Playoffs-Los Angeles Clippers at Memphis Grizzlies

10. Mike Conley

What We Know : After Reading This You Still Won’t Care About Mike Conley

What We Expect : Grizzlie’s Ownership Is So Cheap That Conley Could Potentially Make A Certain Other Team Into A Championship Favorite via Trade (Stay Tuned For “5 Trades That Make Cents” this week)

Why? : He bust Chris Paul’s ass 2 straight playoff series, and bounced him out the first round last year. When is my son going to get some respect!? He’s definitely Top 10.


The SWISH Top 10 Plays of Summer ’13 (From @Drew League, @JCrawfordProAm & More)

The summer circut was definitley legendary this year. From Compton’s Drew League, to Harlem’s own Rucker Park, NBA players took their talents to your hood to build their streetball resumes.

So the we’ve compiled everything you wish you would have been there for, in this latest SG mixtape.

New 76er Tony Wroten shined, Lance “Born Ready” reclaimed his crown out in BK. Tyreke Evans gave the shammgod to the mayor of Seattle. And my son Nick Young gets thoroughly shitted on in his return to LA smh. Ill summer of hoops indeed.